Kyle Kuhn, the Program Director of WGMU radio at George Mason University, likes to DJ as a hobby. It all started a year and a half ago when his parents bought him a DJ board for Christmas. He taught himself through youtube videos. He has has Pioneer DJ Board with two decks and uses Serato DJ software. He loves his board, because it has a lot of different stuff on their from faders to beat collectors, to tempo faders. When asked how he go started, “…it started just as a hobby, something that I could do, something that was just kind of a soundpiece.” As he has already been apart of WGMU radio, he already had a sufficient amount of experience in music, “I enjoyed listening to music and obviously had the experience here at WGMU radio and I kind of wanted to further that experience…” He started creating his own beats and own music. He has performed at small venues and weddings from small weddings to weddings with 200-300 people! He has also performed at Mason events, so you may catch him DJing an event sometime! He has created music and posted some of it on YouTube. Here is a  to one of his songs, the first minute and fourty two seconds is him Djing!